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A volunteer Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Four Colonies Homes Association.

Every year, at the annual homeowners meeting (held the third Monday in April), three new members are elected for a three year term to the nine member Board. Residents are encouraged to become Board members. Click here for the application form.

It is the responsibility of the Board to set policies, standards, procedures and budget for the Association.

The board meets the third Monday of every month at Clubhouse 3 beginning at 6:00 pm. Homeowners are invited to attend Board meetings. Homeowners who want to address the Board regarding a specific issue are asked to come at 5:45 pm.

Board members are responsible for specific assignments and have volunteer committees who assist them. Because we are an architecturally harmonious community, check this web site for any guideline regarding replacements, additions, or alterations to your home.

The Association employs a general manager to implement Board decisions and to oversee the daily operations of the Association and other Association employees.

The Board of directors enforces and interprets the Association Covenants and Bylaws. Both of these documents can be found here.

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