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What is the function of the Four Colonies Homes Association?
The homes association manages the affairs of the corporation with the direction of a nine member Board of Directors.

What are the legal documents for Four Colonies?*

  • The Articles of Incorporation published August 10, 1971
  • The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the Four colonies Homes Association published August 10, 1971 and recorded by the Johnson County Register of Deeds, Book 222, Page 311.
  • The Revised Bylaws of the four Colonies Homes Association amended July 13, 2007 and also recorded by the Johnson County Register of Deeds, Book 200712, Page 966 on December 5, 2007.

Whom do you contact with questions and requests relating to Four Colonies?
Call the office at 913-888-4920 or send an e-mail to
The office is located at Clubhouse 2, 7975 Monrovia, in the Four Colonies subdivision
and is open 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday thru Friday except for holidays.

When is trash collection day? 
Residences with driveways should put trash out on Monday. Residences without driveways should use the trash dumpster located near them. Dumpsters are emptied on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Do you publish a Resident Directory?
No. The majority of Four Colonies homeowners have requested their personal information not be published in the form of a directory.


How can I obtain a pool pass?**
Pool passes are available at the office. The first pass is $10.00 and is active until the card readers are replaced at the pools. One pass allows the homeowner and 4 guests to swim. The second pass is $20.00 and each pass thereafter will cost an additional $10.00.

Do I need a pass for the tennis courts?

How do I rent a clubhouse?**
contract must be signed at the office and your rental fee and deposit fee must be paid before finalizing the date.

What is the occupancy capacity of each clubhouse?
Clubhouse 1 (8201 Monrovia) has a capacity of 75 people.
Clubhouse 3 (8100 Monrovia) has a capacity of 116 people.


Do I need approval to make changes to the exterior of my house and my yard?**
Yes. You must complete a Project Review Request with detailed information about your plans.

Do all changes need approval?**

*Documents available at Organization > Documents
**Forms available at Organization > Forms

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